Gala Bingo set world record for game with world’s biggest bingo balls

Gala Bingo World Record

Gala Bingo recently set a world record by having a game with the world's largest bingo balls on the set of Coronation Street.

The scenes on the former street would make former pub landlady, Annie Walker’s hair curl. In an activity unlike any seen before on the former set of Coronation Street, special guests and TV personalities pitched in to help make a huge success of’s big bingo balls charity GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ attempt for the game of Bingo with the largest set of bingo balls.

The leading bingo brand used the launch of its newest game, Corrie Bouncy Balls as an opportunity to help raise money and awareness for the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign. Director, Alison Digges tells us, “We wanted to do something special for the launch of ‘Corrie Bouncy Balls’, something involving balls! We love the innovative, educational approach MCAC takes, so we’re delighted to work with them. And an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ attempt seemed like a good way to get everyone’s attention. So we organised a bingo game at Coronation Street The Tour in Manchester, invited some ex-cast members and raised money for charity, all at the same time! We are delighted with the result”

MCAC aims to help dispel the culture of embarrassment that discourages men from openly discussing cancers associated with intimate areas of the body.

This one-off, extra special bingo game kicked off on the famous cobbled streets of Weatherfield on the 18th of July.  Amidst much hilarity, the world’s largest set of bingo balls 90 custom-made, gaint bingo balls were ejected from the house windows onto the street as This Morning’s Alison Hammondcalled the numbers until the house was called!

For several weeks preceding the event, players at had been able to compete for tickets to be part of this wacky event. Their efforts raised well over £10,000 for the Male Cancer Awareness Charity. And with the official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the largest set of bingo balls safely in the bag, with much pomp and ceremony, a huge novelty check was presented to model and MCAC ambassador, Rhian Sugden.

Ecstatic fans of the show were able to tour the iconic former set and they even got to meet past cast legends  Shobna Gulati (Sunita Alahan), Sherrie Hewson (Maureen Webster), Steven Arnold (Ashley Peacock) and Adam Rickitt (Nick Tilsley). A great event for an even greater cause!


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Lucky Pants Bingo pulls up 8 new progressive jackpots

Lucky Pants Bingo

Season or year isn’t a barrier for Lucky Pants Bingo to shower its players with extra goodies and this is just what is being done with the addition of 8 new progressive jackpots through which big money will be awarded.

The given names to the awesome progressive jackpots are 90 Ball Progressive, 75 Ball Progressive, High Cut Progressive, Low Cut Progressive, Lucky Numbers Progressive, Magic Number Progressives, Goodie Bag Jackpot and Party Games.

The 90 Ball Progressive jackpot can be won in every 90 Ball rooms found on Lucky Pants Bingo therefore you won’t require playing in a specific room!

For 75 Ball Progressive as well, the progressive jackpot can be won in any 75 Ball room found in the lobby. For this one you will only require to cover the given pattern to catch the big amount.

What are High Cut and Low Cut Progressive? The given names are probably making you work your mind! Well, these games will take place in specific rooms where will be offered the chance of winning the High Cut and Low Cut Fixed Jackpots. To win one of those two progressive jackpots, you will require calling bingo on a low range number i.e. 1-4 for the Low Cut Jackpot and bingo on a high number range i.e. 86-90 or 71-75 for the High Cut Jackpot.

Next is Lucky Numbers Progressive jackpot since most players have a fetish number that brings them luck. What’s yours? A 90 Ball Bingo Jackpot, this Progressive Jackpot can be won in specific rooms where you will be able to nominate 4 numbers to be called on a single card in the game therefore the chosen numbers will be used in all other bingo games offering this jackpot until you decide to change your chosen numbers. To win this jackpot, you simply have to get all of the numbers on a card before the game is complete.

Magic Number Progressives will make you shout abracadabra! For this jackpot, a Magic Number will be designated in each room and winning on the chosen number will bring you the progressive jackpot amount.

In the Goodie Bag Jackpot & Party Games, you can win your way to the Bingo Extra Fixed Jackpot or prizes when you bingo on the required number of calls or required patterns.

Why wait to register when the giveaways are massive at Lucky Pants Bingo. Sign up now and get £5 Free + 20 free spins plus 300% match bonus and 100 free spins on your first minimum deposit of £10!

Takeoff and win with Kitty Bingo

Kitty Bingo 2k Takeoff

Do you want to catch a last minute getaway to your dream destination in September with £2,000 of holiday vouchers in hand plus win up to 8 amazing prizes? Then join Kitty Bingo now for The £2k Takeoff happening on Friday 5th of September at 9:30pm where ticket price is £2 and you can grab up to a maximum of 96 cards to maximize your chance of winning. You may start to Prebuy your cards by heading to The 2k Takeoff in the Prebuy tab as from now and there are various ways to earn free cards where you can earn up to 10 free cards every week for this fantastic promotion.

Make a £20 single deposit to earn 2 free cards per week, play £20 on the Slot of the Week to get 1 free card per week, wager £10 or more on bingo to earn 1 free card per week, log in and play on 4 days in a week to win 2 free cards per week, collect 25 Airmiles in a week to earn 1 free card per week and finally collect 50 Airmiles in a week to earn 3 free cards per week.

Get your sunglasses and sunscreen handy and join the world tour on Kitty Bingo to 8 major destinations in 8 weeks and win plenty of prizes along the way. The world tour kick off in England on the 10th of July until the 16th of July where you require to play on Monopoly slots and bingo on the St Georges cross pattern to win a Picnic Set, then you will head to Italy from 17th to 23rd of July, where you will require to wager on Venice Carnival slots and bingo on the ice cream pattern to win an Ice Cream machine. Third destination to visit is Egypt in the African continent from the 24th to 30th of July where you can win an Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen for wagering on Crown Egypt and bingoing on the pyramid pattern, then you will head to Asia in China from 31st of July to 6th of August where you will require to play on Lion Dance slots and bingo on the CHINA letters pattern to win a restaurant voucher.

You can get a BBQ set in Australia when you bingo on Pearl Lagoon slots and wager on the sun pattern from the 7th to the 13th of August. Next destination will be South Africa where you can win an underwater camera from the 14th to the 20th of August by playing on Photo Safari Slots and bingo on the Bird pattern. Head to the Caribbean for the 7th destination from the 21st to the 27th of August where you are required to bingo on the hook pattern and play on Jolly Roger slots to win cocktail making set. And finally the last destination is USA from the 28th of August to the 3rd of September where you will need to play on Grease Slots and bingo on star and stripes patterns to win a Digital Camera.

When you wager on the Slots of the Week and the bingo pattern you get Airmiles and the top 10 players with the most Airmiles each week wins the above mentioned prizes, whereas runner ups can win extra freebies along the way. Every weekly wager on Slots of the week will award you 3 Airmiles, every time you bingo on the pattern of the week you earn 3 points. You may win extra 5 Airmiles for every £10 deposit, whereas every £10 wagered on bingo will earn you 2 Airmiles and for every £20 wagered on slots you will also get 2 Airmiles.

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